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Festivity of San Juan in Ciudadela / Menorca

The festivities of Menorca are centuries old tradition that originated in the festivities of San Juan, celebrated in the fourteenth century Citadel.

The main protagonist of the celebrations is the horse. The rider or riders, dressed in black and white, are on their horses through the streets of the village, until one time and then collected all of the mass, celebrated on the traditional hassle (not to be confused with the hassle, sing and dance .)

In the commotion the riders enter the town square and go into the crowd showing their skills and making the horses jump to the rhythm of the typical songs of the holidays, especially one jot well known in the region that is interpreted by a band of local music. The rowdy crowd makes the horse jump as a symbol of power and nobility.

After the traditional mess of the second day, we proceed to the delivery of cane by the authorities, in which the riders re-enter the square by jumping horses and eventually fired. After completing all the fuss and "ses dogs" the band begins to play songs or songs typical of Menorca in his time were very heard.

The drink that is drunk at parties is the ointment, which is a mixture of Menorca gin with lemonade.

Accommodation in Menorca

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