martes, 25 de enero de 2011

The Catalan rural tourism quality should be measured with spikes

The first spikes of the new model to categorize Catalan rural establishments are already in a total of 88 rural houses in Catalonia.
This project is the result of two and a half years of work to get to unify the different categories of establishments.

To identify these categories the spike is used as a graphical representation:
BASIC, a spike;
COMFORT, two spikes;
COMFORT, three spikes;
SUPERIOR, four spikes;
SUPERIOR PREMIUM, five spikes.

The parameters used to define each category are: the environment of the home and building; interior and exterior spaces; furniture and equipment of the house; services offered to visitors (catering, hospitality, health ...); and complementary available activities.
Over 600 rural Catalan rural houses have already applied to join the classification spikes, open to all homes, whether they are members or not of any industry association.

The main objectives of this new classification system are to improve product identification and characteristics of facilities and services to the user or customer, and improve the international promotion of rural tourism in the area.

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